Hello, dear friend! My name is Adriana Hristova and I am a Bulgarian based painter who recently followed her dream to become a full-time freelance artist and illustrator. I have a bachelor degree in Fine arts, a master’s degree in Printmaking and I am currently working on developing my own artistic business. My artworks are deeply inspired by nature and all its living creatures, paganism, mythology, folklore, naïve art and often carry a symbolic meaning or a universal message. Through my art, I wish to spark love and appreciation for everything that surrounds us – the seen and unseen, the small and the large, the material and the spiritual. My medium of choice is watercolor, although I am trying to be versatile. I also run an Etsy shop where I display some handmade goodies and prints of my latest works. 
Exhibitions and shows:
2012 – A hidden place solo exhibition – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
2014 – Collective - a group exhibition - Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2018 – The secret garden solo exhibition – Troyan, Bulgaria
2019 – Sea and forest – collaboration show with Daniela Penova – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2019 – ART Fashion experience – collaboration show with Plamena Fashion Boutique – Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 – A solo exhibition at Plus Tova – Sofia, Bulgaria
2020 – Illustrators wall – Bologna children book fair
2020 – Postcards to the summer solo exhibition – Veliko Tarnovo
2022 - Metamorphosis solo exhibition - Natural sciences museum - Cherni Osam, Troyan
2023 - Porcelain (fragile things) solo exhibition - Vino Veritas - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 

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